Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Tips for Redwood City and The Peninsula

Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Tips for Redwood City and The Peninsula

You Never Know

by Mary Fontaine on 01/29/16

Accidents happen, right?  Well, one of our customers flushed her eyeglasses down the toilet.  No worries though!  Our plumber, Val, was able to get those out for her.  Another happy customer!!!!

A Happily Surprised Customer!

by Mary Fontaine on 07/14/15

We went out to do a mainline stoppage.  When presented with the bill, the customer exclaimed, "How can you do it so cheap? "  Apparently another company quoted two to three times the price.  We charge by the hour, not flat rate.  Perhaps that is the difference.  

A Thank You Note From a Customer

by Mary Fontaine on 06/08/15

A customer recently sent us the following E-mail.  I didn't include his name for privacy reasons:

"I just wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for sending out Glenn last week. 

 He took care of a couple of plumbing projects for us, and we were very pleased with his work.  We also very much appreciated his great customer service skills, and the time he took to answer all of our questions.

Thanks again and regards."

We Didn't Know our Water Heater Prices Were So Good!

by Mary Fontaine on 05/21/15

A new customer just called.  She was through-the-roof upset about a couple of water heater quotes she had gotten.  I asked her if she could give me the quotes and she did, which is rare.  I told her we could send someone over for a free quote and that I would not tell them about the other quotes.  Well, lo-and-behold, our quote was less than half of the highest quote and 25% less than the lower quote.  It's good for us to be reminded that our prices are actually very competitive.  

Ever Wonder?

by Mary Fontaine on 02/20/15

Have you ever wondered what a rotted out kitchen drain line looks like?  Well, wonder no more!  This photo is from a recent job we did:  Rotted Kitchen Line

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